Based in Boise

Established in 2018

Our Mission

To create a refreshing atmosphere for the sport of running that cultivates positive, hard-working distance athletes, and encourage them to incorporate the body, mind and spirit in their journey toward accomplishing their goals.

Our Vision

To inspire development and growth of every member to ensure their full potential is reached on and off the track.

To encourage each member to have the confidence to set big goals and strive for big dreams.

To assist each member in their preparation to achieve their goals and dreams. A runner’s goal may be to participate in national and international competitions such as a National Team or an Olympic Team.

To provide each member the opportunity to give back to the community by modeling the importance of an active daily life through running, and promoting a healthy lifestyle. Members will give encouragement to youth through adults, beginning runners through experienced athletes.

Core Values

The following values reflect who we are and what we stand for:

Respect - We respect all individuals in the sport of running.

It is essential that we show equal respect for all individuals in this sport, whether they are full-time runners, full-time parents, a five mile a week runner, or a beginner. If you run, you are a runner.

Passion - We keep showing up.
It takes deep passion to continue to enjoy an activity that is often painful and could be viewed as tedious. That passion ensures that we keep showing up, and our love for running keeps pushing us forward.

Teamwork - We support each other.
Running may often seem like a solitary activity, but nobody is successful alone. Teamwork provides a strong and consistent support system to help us move

forward and grow as individuals in pursuit of reaching our goals. Teamwork truly does make the dream work!

Enjoyment - We find joy in the process.

Running is fun. It is also hard work, and it can be strenuous, but we should be enjoying the process while we work towards our goals. We strive to be present in the moment and take pride in each stride forward, whether big or small. Running isn’t our everything. It is an important aspect of our daily life, but we remember to live and love the things apart from running as well. Each day is a new opportunity.

Toughness - We keep going.
Both mental and physical toughness are equally important. We develop a strong and healthy mind as well as a strong and healthy body to be happy and successful. We cultivate the strength to withstand adverse conditions and the ability to cope in difficult situations. We have a strong will to win, to keep going and not give up when doubt tries to creep in or when the legs start to shake. We will all have a run, a workout or race that we are disappointed with, but we will focus on the positive by seeking ways to change and improve on what we are doing. We shake off the negative and reach for the positive. When the going gets tough, we keep going.

Work Ethic - We are dedicated to working smart and care about the quality of the work done.

The path to successfully reaching your goals is going to look different for each individual. It is important to train smarter, not harder. Distance running isn’t just about high mileage and working hard. Proper rest and listening to your body are critical. If you rush things you will get injured, you will burn out, and you may miss out on the opportunity to realize your dreams. You are responsible for communicating with the coach as to how you are feeling and if changes should be considered. Success is about progressing at your individual pace, not someone else’s.

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