Eliot Bailey

Born and raised in majestic Paul, Idaho. Eliot ran track as a youngster, up through Middle school (West Minico Junior High). At the age of 12, he tripped on the last hurdle at a district meet in a race he was leading, and crawled his way to last place. He vowed to never run again. Picked up distance running after college (Bachelor’s degree from University of Idaho, Master’s degree from Boston University) to deal with stress, and as a release for his competitive personality traits. Trained intermittently over the years, but stopped short of completing goals due to various life turns and injuries. Currently in his mid-thirties, but his non-scientific, self-evaluated running age is only 25. He's been back on the training circuit since mid-way through 2018. Currently focused on the marathon distance.  Planning to run Ogden in June. PR’s in process….

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