High Performance Team

Eligibility for IDP membership requires qualification for the High Performance Team and Racing Team. Qualification requirements are as follows: (a) You must be an IDP member in good standing; (b) you must meet a time/performance standard; and (c) you must meet the participation requirement. Once these requisites have been met, an application to become a member of IDP may be submitted for consideration of acceptance.

(a) Good Standing: To be in good standing with IDP requires the following:​​​​​

  • You must race in the official IDP-issued Uniform.

  • You must race and warm up in ASICS products.

  • You must have current registration with USATF and be registered as an IDP athlete. 

  • You must participate in social media requests

  • Adhere to the values IDP holds 

(b) Time/Performance: 






   1.1500m standards are for a track time performance only.

   2. Mile - 10,000 meter standard are track/road, but must be a non-aided, certified, road course.

   3. Marathon and Half Marathon - Certain courses are ineligible for consideration (i.e., St. George).

(c) Participation: To be eligible for the High Performance Team, you must live and train in Boise under the guidance of Coach Kameron. They must also attend practice regularly. To be eligible for the Racing Team, you must be willing to live and train in Boise and will be required to keep in good communication with Coach Kameron on training progress.

Additional Information:

Athletes qualified for this team are accepted and contracted with Idaho Distance Project for a single calendar year. A review of each athlete will be administered every 6 months to determine if they are in good standing, have met time standards, or have full participation.


An athlete that fails to meet the aforementioned requirements is no longer eligible and may forfeit bonuses, benefits, access to or reimbursement of travel funds and apparel credits.

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