Kinsey Middleton wins the Canadian Marathon Championships in debut run

October 21st, 2018 by Madeline Kelly of Canadian Running

Canadian women are on fire. Kinsey Middleton ran her first marathon today, and took the national title and the win in 2:32:09. Post-race Middleton said, “It’s amazing what is happening in the women’s marathon in Canada right now. I’m totally here for it.”

Middleton wanted to run a 2:32 and knew that around halfway that she was on pace, but said it felt difficult. She joked afterwards that, “Halfway comes a lot later than the actual halfway point.”

The marathoner said the hardest part of the race, for her, was the last 500 metres. “In the marathon you feel good, and then you don’t feel good, and then you feel good again. It’s about realizing that when you don’t feel good it’s not the end–it ebbs and flows.”

Emma Bates Breaks Through at USATF Marathon Champs

December 5th, 2018 by Jeff Hollobaugh of Track & Field News

Sacramento, California, December 02—“I know that what we’re doing is the right thing for me,” said Emma Bates in explaining why she was so confident she would win the California International Marathon in her debut at the 26-mile distance.

After going out fast—she led by 83 seconds at halfway—Bates encountered problems in the later stages. “I couldn’t keep any of the fluids down,” she said. “I think I just overdid it. I’m happy that I was able to pull things together and keep everything down and keep going at a pretty good clip. I went out a little too aggressive. At the end of the day, I’m happy with how I ran. I ran tough. That was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done.”

Bates crossed the line in 2:28:18, a time that makes her No. 8 among U.S. débutantes, right behind Molly Huddle’s 2:28:13. She finished more than a minute ahead of Stephanie Bruce’s PR 2:29:21

Emma Bates Caps Three Big Races in 13 Days With 25K Championship Win

For her third competition in just 13 days, Emma Bates embraced the challenge and won her second U.S. national title at the USATF 25K Championships on Saturday morning. This came just six days after she finished third at the USATF Half Marathon Championships in Pittsburgh and 13 days after she won the Silo District Half Marathon in Waco, Texas.  “It was hard doing the double, the half marathon championships last weekend and then this championship, but I knew going in that it was going to be really hard, so I wanted to make it tough from the beginning, and that’s what I did,” Bates, 26, told USATF.TV

Saturday’s win capped an impressive two weeks for the marathoner, who lives just outside of Boise, Idaho. On April 28, she finished first at the Silo District Half Marathon in 1:16:38 and earned $3,000 as the winner. Immediately after receiving the prize, Bates gave the check back to be donated to the Brave Like Gabe Foundation, which helps fund rare cancer research. On May 5, Bates returned to competition at the USATF Half Marathon Championships, where she finished third overall in 1:11:13 and earned $5,000. Bates’s half marathon split of 1:10:48 on her way to 25K on Saturday, May 11, was her fastest 13.1 performance of the three road races.

Bates and her competitor Sara Hall, who finished second at the half marathon championships last weekend, established a brisk pace early on. The two competitors ran together ahead of the rest of the pack until mile six, when Bates began to pull ahead slightly. By mile 10, Bates had 20 seconds on Hall and continued to increase the gap in the final miles of the race.

The 2018 California International Marathon Champion cruised into the 13.1-mile split in 1:10:48 and later into the finish line at 25K in 1:23:51. Hall closed for second in 1:25:33.

With an equalizer bonus on the line (the men’s race started over 11 minutes behind the women), Bates said that she told her male competitors prior to the race that “they had no chance,” and she kept her word. A fan on the side of the course even reminded her of the promise she made.

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