Micah Drew

Micah discovered running around the same age he learned he lacked hand-eye coordination—very young. He got the chance to compete competively for the University of Montana (Go Griz!) where he spent five years on the track and cross country teams. Recently, he moved back to Boise to pursue his passion for bipedal locomotion in academic settings, as a graduate biomechanics researcher at Boise State and as an assistant coach at Timberline High School.


Among his running feats, Micah takes the most pride in his spontaneous Rim to Rim to Rum crossing of the Grand Canyon the day after his last collegiate cross country meet, except for the part when he almost abandoned his best friend at hour 7 for taking a walk break.

However, he has recently put aside such shenanigans and tapped back into his drive to resolve some unfinished business on the oval and figure out just how speedy his legs can be.


Fun Facts:

  • Believes himself to be co-world record holder of the vodka mile

  • Considers the greatest race ever witnessed to be either the 2015 NCAA mile matchup between King Ches and Christian Soratos, or the 2014 Boise Area naked mile between Andrew R. and Gabe H.

  • Is adamant that shaved legs make you faster

Personal bests:

3k: 8:35

5k: 15:10

10k: 32:35

Half: 1:16:23

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