Mick Iacofono

"I was born a baby.  A blank slate." 

Hailing from the best city in the Midwest Cleveland, running has slowly dragged him to the west.  After a college career full of injuries at the University of Kentucky, he thought his running career was over.  Unable to stay away from the sport he started to coach himself in the marathon and the results led him to Boulder.  With a strong showing at the USA Marathon Championships for a top ten finish.  Then Boise came calling, a new place to bring alive a running culture and new home.  He will always be just a runner from Akron, trying to make it big on the roads.  


Rod Dixon once said, "All I want to do is drink beer and train like an animal."  That is Mick's running moto, and he strongly believes he is a better beer miler than miler.  


USATF Marathon Championships 2018 - 8th Place

DCT Beer Mile (Bud Light Premium) 2017 - 1st Place


Personal bests:

Marathon: 2:13:46

Half Marathon: 1:04:42

10k: 29:54

5k: 14:26

Beer Mile: 6:09

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