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Grayson Murphy is our 2019 USATF Mountain Running Champion!!!

Pure joy as Grayson breaks the tape in 1:01:44 to become the USATF Mountain Running Champion! (photo: Richard Bolt)

Grayson Murphy earned the title of Women's USATF Mountain Running Champion 2019 on a sunny morning in the mountains of New Hampshire in her first ever national competition! Grayson looked strong on both the climbs and the decent portions of the course. She was in 2nd place around the 1.5K mark, but took over the lead shortly thereafter, and by the 2.5K point she had a 100 meter lead. Then the real climbing began, with average grades on the three main climbs ranging from 19-26 percent. At the 4.7 mile mark at the aid station near the summit, Grayson had increased her lead to a minute. Next came the very steep 2.5 mile decent to the finish, where she crossed the finish line in first place, 4 minutes ahead of the second place runner.

Breathtaking views as Grayson powers her way up the mountain. (photo: Joe Viger)

When Grayson was asked how she felt about the race she stated, "It was so fun! I had a great time out there!" Her favorite part of the race? The climbs, even though they were far from easy. "The view was amazing, but looking up from the aid station to the summit, that was probably the hardest part. And I still had to get up there!"

{Grayson is all smiles throughout, even during the most challenging parts of the race. And displaying trail butter! This is what a happy runner looks like! (photos: 1-3, Michael Scott; 4, @nanoontrails)}

Rounding out the Women's US Mountain Running Team are Kasie Enman (2nd), Kimber Mattox (3rd), and Sam Lewis (4th). Grayson and her teammates will be looking ahead to the World Mountain Running Championships in the Patagonia region of Argentina on November 15th.

Congratulations, Grayson, and to all the men and women of the US Mountain Running Team!!!

Women's US Mountain Running Team 2019 : Sam Lewis (4th), Grayson Murphy (1st), Kasie Enman (2nd), and Kimber Mattox (3rd). (photo: Richard Bolt)


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