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Robie Winner Joins Idaho Distance Project

Greg Montgomery, 29

Nickname: G Money

Montgomery grinds up Aldape Summit during the 2019 Race to Robie Creek. photo by Sawtooth Photo Pros

Back in April, two minutes clear of the next runner, a shirtless Greg Montgomery crested the top of Aldape summit, just outside of Boise. The Idaho native was halfway to his goal of winning the Race to Robie Creek, which he achieved just shy of the course record.

(Read about his race, and how his dog helped him train, here)

Now, the 2019 Robie winner will be training full time with the Idaho Distance Project with the goal of turning to flatter road races and ending up on the starting line of the 2020 Olympic Trials in Atlanta.

Montgomery will join fellow IDP member Zach Parrin in chasing a qualifying time through the half marathon— 64:00.00— next toeing the line at the Monterey half marathon this fall— his first half that doesn't include 2,000 feet of climbing.

“It’s going to be hard, I don’t even know what to think to be honest,” says Montgomery who never dreamed of doing a marathon until a few months ago. “I think it’ll be fun at the end of the day— that’s why I run. And, you know, beating people. I’m really competitive.”

While running for Boise High School, Montgomery had two top-5 finishes at the state cross country meet before matriculating to the College of Idaho to work with Pat McCurry (now at USF).

At the College of Idaho, Montgomery thrived, running still-standing school records in the 5000 and 10,000. On the cross country course, he was runner up in the NAIA National Cross Country Championships in 2012.

Continuing on that success, Greg ran in the USATF Club Cross Country Championships the next fall, finishing 10th and earning a spot on Team USA for the Great Edinburgh cross country meet. He hopes to make another US cross country team in the future.

“He’s a many of many talents,” says IDP coach Kameron Ulmer. “I’m just excited to see him tackle longer races and really show us what he can do— his potential is astronomical and if I can help him start to get there, he’s going to do great things.”

Shifting from solo training to working out with IDP has already been a huge benefit to Montgomery. “It’s silly, those perceived efforts are nothing now. Before running by myself at a fraction of those speeds are torture,” he says.

Montgomery is also a talented cyclist, having won the Bogus to Barrel downhill race earlier this summer. (It should be noted that he won on the beer chug at the end.)

Insta — @stick_in_the_leg_greg


1500— 3:47.05

5,000 — 14:01.86

10,000 — 29:04.42

Fun Fact 1: Greg is known for showing up to long runs, coffee and Clif bar in hand, which are consumed over the first few miles.

Fun Fact 2: Greg has the fastest Robie time of the three IDP members who have won the race— Erik Teig and Coach K won in 2017 and 2011 respectively.

The Idaho Distance Project was established in 2018 as a post collegiate and professional team dedicated to helping athletes achieve their goals and qualify for national teams. The program has qualified four athletes for the 2020 U.S. Olympic Trials marathon in Atlanta and includes the reigning U.S. and Canadian women’s marathon champions. IDP is made possible by the support of running fans across the country and especially Rock and Armor Physical Therapy, and is a USATF member club.


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